This Sunday School curriculum represents the only complete set of student and teacher books in ISKCON for any one learning area — in this case Krishna consciousness itself. The course has age-appropriatre materials for students from 5-14 and is varied, simple to use, and fun.

Hopefully these books will not only be fully used in Sunday Schools and homes, but will also inspire devotees to create more and more high quality educational materials for our children and the adults to guide them.

Urmila devi dasi, PhD

We have never done anything that pleases our congregation more, nor anything better to prepare for the future.

H.H. Ravindra Svarupa das, GBC


Years ago, when the Sunday School curriculum was first published, our community used it for its intended purpose – to teach Sunday School students once a week! But as word spread about these first class materials, others, like an after-school club started using it, too. Now the largest devotee-run day school in North America is using it as one of the main components of their spiritual curriculum.

With its wide range of topics from Vaisnava etiquette to the Vedic View, these materials are written in an easy-to-follow style complete with beautiful illustrations. The student books and accompanying teacher’s guides are filled with short stories from Srila Prabhupada’s books and include dramas, cut-outs, poems, crossword puzzles, quizzes and countless ideas for extending and enriching the lessons.

Now this complete set of over 40 spiritual themes is available in a 3-CD set at an affordable price. I would highly recommend that all parents and educators take advantage of these timeless Krsna Conscious materials!

Nataka-candrika dasi,

Author of “From the Very Beginning”