Madhava Ages 6-8

Madhava_Class_No_BorderThe Madhava Class is for children ages six, seven and eight. This is the equivalent of elementary Grades First, Second and Third. Intense academic work is not possible at this age; the younger children in the Madhava class will just be learning how to read and write. The emphasis of the Hare Krishna Sunday School curriculum for this age group is learning spiritual knowledge through stories.

This is the age when fairy tales and folk tales are often taught to instill moral values. In the same way, the curriculum uses Vedic stories as a basis for many of the Madhava sessions. Morality, knowledge of the soul, our relationship to Krishna and proper Vaishnava behavior are some of the topics studied in the Madhava class in fun, active and imaginative ways.

The curriculum provides you with reproducible student booklets and a corresponding teacher’s guide for each session. You’ll find a wealth of ideas, games, dramas and teaching tips to make your Sunday School teaching experience rewarding and satisfying for both the teacher and students.

There is sufficient Madhava curriculum to cover three years of Sunday School instruction. After the Madhava children have reached nine years of age, they graduate into the Damodar class. So a six-year old just joining the Madhava class will go through his three years of Madhava instruction and then graduate to the Damodar class.The curriculum can then be “recycled” beginning with the first year’s courses.