Madan Mohan Ages 11-13

The Madan Mohan Class is for students ages twelve, thirteen and fourteen. That is the equivalent of Grades Seventh, Eighth and Ninth. Children of this age are more analytical and discriminating. They strongly identify with their peers, yet are beginning to think and reason independently.
The Hare Krishna Sunday School curriculum guides the Madan Mohan students to make wise choices by giving them spiritual knowledge relevant to their lives. In addition to studying Krishna conscious philosophy, the students learn to take pride in and defend their beliefs. The Madan Mohan class examines current issues in society, presenting the Vedic view, thus allowing the children to “see through the eyes of scripture.”
The curriculum provides you with reproducible student booklets and a corresponding teacher’s guide for each session. There are dramas, word games, field trip suggestions and projects galore – all designed to engage and enliven young teenagers.
There is sufficient Madan Mohan curriculum to cover three years of Sunday School instruction. After the Madan Mohan children have reached fifteen years of age, their Sunday School instruction has been completed. There are temples who extend the age of Madan Mohan students to sixteen or older if there are students who really want to continue. The ideal follow-up to a Sunday School is a youth club for teens and young adults. The youth club can continue the study of scripture but also take a more active part in the temple community.