Damodar Ages 9-11

The Damodar Class is for children ages nine, ten and eleven. That is the equivalent of Grades Fourth, Fifth and Sixth. At this age, most children should be reading well and are able to complete written assignments. Their critical thinking skills are more developed and they begin to apply what they have studied.

In addition to presenting devotional stories, which still serve as a basis for scriptural lessons, many great Vedic personalities are introduced as role models, teaching proper Vaishnava behavior. The Hare Krishna Sunday School curriculum also teaches the children practical ways to spiritualize their everyday lives. The topics in the Damodar classes are designed in such a way as to give children practical reasons why we believe certain things as well as to encourage them to act upon their beliefs.

The curriculum provides you with reproducible student booklets and a corresponding teacher’s guide for each session. You’ll find a wealth of ideas, games, dramas and teaching tips to make your Sunday School teaching experience rewarding and satisfying for both the teacher and students.

There is sufficient Damodar curriculum to cover three years of Sunday School instruction. After the Damodar children have reached twelve years of age, they graduate into the Madan Mohan class. So a nine-year old just joining the Damodar class will go through his three years of Damodar instruction and then graduate to the Madan Mohan class. The curriculum can then be “recycled” beginning with the first year’s courses.