This comprehensive Sunday school curriculum provides a well-rounded, fun approach to learning Krishna consciousness. Children benefit from the program’s hands-on approach that includes art, drama, games, puzzles and preaching activities.

The program is divided amongst 3 age groups:

Individual course topics are generally taught in 2 month blocks, thus five topics are covered each year. With 15 courses per age group, it takes 3 years for a child to complete each age group’s course material. Then they are ready to graduate to the next age group where new topics are introduced and others reinforced.

For most courses, students will receive their own workbook written in age-appropriate text. Full of sunday schoolwonderful stories and activities, the workbooks are theirs to take home and share with their family members and friends.

Teacher’s guides, which include step-by-step instructions, reproducible worksheets and dramas¬†are also provided for each course. This is a valuable time-saver for teachers, as well an an essential tool for inexperienced teachers or volunteers.

Finally, lessons also include a “Check for Understanding” page to reinforce comprehension and a “Something to Think About and Discuss” section designed to encourage self-reflection.